hi! my name is laurel and I'm a gelato enthusiast, travel guru, lover of all things water,

font fanatic, and proud Michigander. 


I created Ordinary Card Co. with a hope to motivate people to encourage one another, but also with the intention of benefitting a greater cause. For years I have wanted to launch a card line, but I also realize that I wanted to use that opportunity to extend love and validate the worth in the people beyond who I am writing notes to.


Handwritten notes are near and dear to my heart, and I am always drawn to the intentionality, the handwriting, the time set aside, and the aesthetic of a simple hello or encouragement found in a card. I think that cards are a really ordinary way to tell someone how you feel, motivate them to keep going, let them know what they’re doing well, thank them, or reaffirm them. I am captivated by “ordinary”...so often we are drawn to big grandiose ideas or ways to say or do things, but I think that things that are ordinary...just uncommon...go a really long way.


With Ordinary Cards, I hope to capture the simplicity yet impact a quick 5-minute note can do for someone else. I hope to revitalize the culture of note-writing and snail mailing. I find that people often think that we have to have a reason to write a note to someone...a birthday, a congratulations, a thank you...but I want to encourage note-writing when people are not expecting them. Catch someone off guard, and give them a little tidbit of love. It might even make their week.


How cool is that?!


Beyond hoping to rekindle card-writing & handwritten encouragement by doing something really quite ordinary, I also desire to illuminate the worth and value each person innately has. The deep, deep love I have received from Christ has propelled me to validate the worth in others and I dream to heal those who have been neglected of love. My heart stirs for those enslaved in the sex trade, and I want to use an ordinary product like greeting cards whose profits can be returned to God’s children. I want my work to have a heart for His children behind it, and I hope to radiate truth that each person is deeply loved for the child that they were made to be in the image of God. Portions of the proceeds earned from the sales of Ordinary Cards will go towards various trafficking organizations, and this year Ordinary Card Co. has become a Freedom Partner with International Justice Mission (read more here!), so our donation will be matched and doubled each month! 


My role in helping these organizations is really quite ordinary. The cards I am creating are really quite ordinary. But the fruits that can come from writing notes to others and in turn loving the brokenhearted is something quite extraordinary.


in summary : encourage someone (they're worth it!), hand write it, and get excited to do things that are pretty ordinary,

just not common. it'll make a difference! don't stop reminding people that they are loved.